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Everyone is so excited for summer season, but it is not exciting once the temperature already reaches to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, because it poses risk for the health. If you need to face this reality when summer comes, you need an air conditioning system, so you can make the warm air in your home bearable. If you want to rest after a long day of tiring work, then you need a working air condition that can cool the air in your home. But, what if the AC suddenly malfunctions? What if instead of cold air, it blows in a fan mode? In that case, we can be of help to you. We have been in the air duct and HVAC restoration for years now. We have been offering a lot of services like
There are two types of air condition system that you can choose for your home. You can choose from traditional to non-conventional air conditioner for your home to make it comfortable. The traditional air conditioner needs an electricity in order to draw the heath inside a room and then cool the air. It will return the cool air to the area, the discharged the hear air outside.
If you want to measure that cooling capacity of your air conditioning than you can measure it with the use of the term BTU. A smaller space can be easily cooled by an air conditioner with 5000 BTU while for large spaces such as the entire home you need more than 32000 BTU. It is important for homeowner to choose an air conditioner with appropriate air conditioning compressor with capacity according to the size of the home. If you will choose an undersized air conditioner, then it will not be able to cool the entire house during summer season. An oversized air conditioner can leave people feeling damp and it is also very costly.

The non-conventional air conditioner unit make use of geothermal cooling system. This non-conventional unit promote the use of renewable energy and this is an energy that comes from the earth. This is not a common air conditioner that you can find inside a home. This type of air conditioner is becoming more and more popular because of its benefits not only for your home, but also for the environment. This conventional air conditioner is less costly because it makes use of geothermal energy instead of electricity and it is also very easy to set up.
This geothermal cooling system can run about 25 to 50% lesser energy usage compared to the standard air conditioner. The bad side is that geothermal cooling systems is costly to install and homeowners who want this type of cooling system for their home usually opt for loan to be able to install this type of cooling system. But, do you know that no matter what type of air conditioning system you choose it is important to have your HVAC system clean? That way the dirt and debris won’t hinder it from blowing the cold air freely. We can help you take care of that matter.